“Palm Springs deserves accountable, transparent, and responsive leadership on its CITY COUNCIL. I am committed to continuing the positive momentum the city has enjoyed over the last decade.” – JR Roberts

Transparency and Better Government

I will bring a new level of transparency and open process to the city of Palm Springs. This is your city – our city – and I think you should be included in the decision-making of important issues that affect our entire community. My candidacy represents a giant leap towards improving the necessary transparency and accountability for our city government in Palm Springs.

I have dedicated 15 years of my life to making Palm Springs a better place. As you consider pledging your vote to the most qualified candidate I urge you to consider my long-term experience on the city’s planning commission, my service to Palm Springs, and know that I have the relationships, the drive, the commitment and the ability to help lead our city.

Finally, I’m proud to call this city my home. My past service speaks to the fact that the carefully managed growth and development of Palm Springs is my only interest. I do not see a role in Palm Springs City Council as simply a stepping stone to a future career in Sacramento or Washington DC. I intend to remain in the city I love and will govern it to the best of my abilities.

Smart Growth

“The robust growth and record-breaking new development of Palm Springs must be intelligently planned and fiscally responsible.” – JR Roberts

Palm Springs is a very special place. We have been able to preserve a small town quality of life during a period of progressive growth. I will keep our city on the path of continued prosperity, while preserving our international brand and standing up for responsible environmental stewardship.

Valuing Diversity

I always describe Palm Springs as a small town, with small town warmth — but without small minds. Everyone from every background is welcome to make a great life here. People, by and large, are not judged by their race, age, sexual orientation, affluence or ethnic origin. In this city, substance is valued, and community involvement is alive and well. I feel lucky to live among a happy, diverse group of people who are grateful for and dedicated to their city. It just feels like home to me.